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Providing You with Care at Home

We ensure our clients who need help finding balance between preserving independence and living in a safe environment.

We provide the solution with compassionate in-home care services.

No matter if you need help long term or short term we can help!

How Can We Help You?

Acare Provider Services provides supervised care to the client's at home:

  • Are you a senior or adult who needs help with grocery shopping?

  • A son or daughter concerned about a aging parent living alone?

  • Light Housekeeping

  • A disabled adult who needs a little help around the house?

  • Needing a escort to doctor visits? See more >>

Leave The Care Handling To Us!
Client Testimonials


“The Overrall experince is postive ,

They are very supportive in the time of need.”


                                                                                            Brenda Smith


“My daughter received care from Acare Provider Services for 4 years my first experience with the owner Ashlee was heaven sent. The owner passion & warm spirit is why I went with Acare for my daughter the owner was very involved with every step of my daughter companion care & getting the right aide to service in my home highly recommend Acare Provider Services for your loved one or yourself." 


Theresa Mccaa

"I'm  so glad the hospital referred me to Acare Provider Services, since Acare began helping me .I am proud to have my caregiver as my company; because she goes above making sure my home is clean and things are put together the way I like. Acare caretakers work hard to help me with the chores that were so hard for me to no longer do. There services have allowed me to rest and recover more, I would highly recommend there care services.

Laura Studdard  

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